Been There...Done That

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Apathy winds itself into the very fibers of the soul, and few things are more disheartening than a Christian teen with no passion for Christ. This study exposes the ugliness of the apathetic heart, seeking to awaken new passion and zeal. Only Jesus can offer the radical transforming power that rekindles the fire. 

Item #: YH111

$13.95 each

HotShots contain reproducible handouts and do not require a separate Student Manual.

This Teacher's Manual includes . . .

  • 5 lessons - one per week
  • Content that offers practical applications with a worshipful God-focus
  • Ice-breaking warm-up activities
  • Discussion and thought-provoking questions
  • Concrete object lessons and hands-on activities
  • Quality exposition of the Bible in an approachable format
  • Clear calls to walk closer with God