What Is a God-Focus?

We believe that the Bible is God’s self-revelation, the Word He gave to reveal His glory, grace, and love. Therefore, we write our studies to magnify His majesty, His works, and His nature. In each passage of the Bible, we look for how God reveals Himself, then how His message can shine through context, culture, language, and application. We challenge students first to stand in awe of God, to know and love Him, for that is the first step of any true change of character.

A God-Focus is seeking
God’s glory and grace
through all things.

With this perspective, all of life, creation, and Scripture becomes a window through which we can see the light of God’s goodness, power, and love. As His grace draws our gaze to Himself, we learn to rejoice in Him. Only then, standing before His holiness, will we repent, submit, and worship. He becomes the center of all thought, desire, and action—the focus of our love and hope.

If We Lose Focus

If We Maintain Focus

Scripture becomes a how-to manual for life, a book of arbitrary do’s and don’ts.

We see Scripture as more than just a map or rulebook—it is the story of God’s glory.

We learn only Bible history, Bible stories, Bible facts. We see only heroes and villains, not the God that guided them for His glory.

As we teach of Moses, Ruth, and David, we magnify the God that uses imperfect men and women to reflect His glory.

We mimic holiness out of obligation. We do not ask Him to give us grace to reflect His love.

Before we teach of holiness and love, we point to the perfection and sacrifice of Christ.

Sin becomes a personal failure, a trip and a fall outside the fold. We consider our obedience an example of our strength.

When we sin, we do not simply break God’s law—we betray Christ’s love. And when we, by His grace, reflect His holiness, we do not just obey Him—we abide in Him.