We believe the Bible to be God’s self-revelation, the Word that shows God's glory, grace, and love. Therefore, we write our curriculum to magnify His majesty, His works, and His nature.

For each passage of Scripture, we look for the ways that God reveals Himself, and then we study how His message shines through context, culture, language, and application. We challenge students first to stand in awe of God, to know and love Him, for that is the first step of any true change in character.

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Biblically Grounded

Lectures and textbooks only go so far. If we want students to feel at home in the Word—to build a relationship with its Author—we must encourage them to dive deep and seek God on their own. When students open one of our books, they should find an engaging companion to their Bible, with exercises that reinforce the discipline to explore, understand, and live the gospel of Christ, by the Spirit’s grace.


We exist to help you, the teacher, magnify God to your students. We believe that God grows His children through face-to-face contact with people like you—believers who reflect both love and truth.

This ministry has thrived for over 40 years because we’ve kept our material accountable to God and to you. With your continued feedback and help, we trust that God will use us all to introduce His grace to many more students in the years to come.


Given our approach to Scripture, our exegesis avoids many denominational differences, like the finer points of ecclesiology or baptism. But helpful exposition requires a clear stand, so as explained by our 1972 charter, all of our materials adhere, where applicable, to the following doctrinal positions:

  1. The divine inspiration and authority of the Scriptures. All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is all the revealed Word of God.
  2. The deity and humanity, virgin birth, and sinless life, substitutional death, and bodily resurrection, ascension, and premillennial coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. The sovereignty of God, total depravity of all men and the necessity of regeneration.
  4. The doctrine of the Trinity as historically and scripturally maintained.
  5. The local church as an autonomous body, separate from the world.
  6. Scriptural believer's baptism as a prerequisite to church membership and the Lord's Supper administered by the local church.
  7. The Rapture of the church and resurrection of the bodies of all Christians in concurrence with the Rapture.
  8. The premillennial coming of Christ to the earth to rule and reign for one thousand years.
  9. A heaven of eternal duration for the saved, and eternal punishment in the lake of fire for the lost.
  10. The separation of the Christian from all worldly practices, in wholehearted devotion to the cause of Christ.
  11. Salvation of the soul by repenting of sin and accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and that the soul thus saved is eternally saved and can never be lost.
  12. Separation from liberalism, neo-evangelicalism, and all forms of apostasy and compromise with unbelief.
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