50 Years of Blessing

Positive Action for Christ, Feb. 23, 2022
50 Years of Blessing

Positive Action for Christ is celebrating 50 years of God's blessing upon our ministry. On the last page of our new catalog, C.J. Harris expresses his gratitude with this short reflection.

I find it difficult to summarize the ways that God has blessed Positive Action—or even how God has worked through this ministry to bless me.

When Frank Hamrick incorporated Positive Action for Christ fifty years ago, just a few dozen churches used the curriculum. In the 1990s, ProTeens books made their way to a church in Ohio, where my youth pastor began encouraging my new relationship with Christ. Instrumental to my growth was Frank’s sincere, straightforward approach to Bible study.

When I first met Frank at the ProTeens International Scoring Competition, I had no idea that I’d later teach this curriculum to my own youth group, or that I’d one day join Positive Action as an editor. But Frank has never stopped thinking about the next generation. He was already pouring love and wisdom into a new group of Christian leaders. He and his successor, Jason Ehmann, worked tirelessly to strengthen our staff and curriculum. This dedication and sacrifice, by God’s own grace, bore fruit in the Positive Action that exists today.

This year, as I step into the role of president, we now serve teachers in over sixty countries. We’re grateful to be even a small part of such a varied, passionate group of believers. Campus Bible studies, one-room schoolhouses, underground churches, and classrooms the world over—your ministries inspire and humble us.

That is perhaps our greatest single blessing: the privilege to see God's work in hearts. Thank you for giving us this outstanding view of His grace.

You can access our digital catalog here.

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