Homeschooling with Positive Action: Choosing a Grade Level

Positive Action Bible Curriculum, Sept. 7, 2023
Homeschooling with Positive Action: Choosing a Grade Level

Are you interested in using Positive Action Bible Curriculum for your homeschool? Our studies can be adjusted to work for multiple grades at once—whether as a family devotion or as a separate Bible component of your homeschool. Every family situation is unique, but you can pick a middle grade to accommodate several ages of children. For example, if you have 2nd, 3rd, and 5th graders, you could use the 3rd grade Student and Teacher’s Manuals. This grade level choice will depend on your children’s reading ability and intended student independence.

If you have an older student and a very young child, consider using the older child’s grade level. The older child can fill in the workbook then teach the material to the younger one.

When dealing with a larger group, you may choose to split the group by grade to use two or more different studies. Because the elementary curriculum covers the entire Word of God from kindergarten through sixth grade, there is not a great deal of overlap. You could still combine the group for memory verse work by shortening the passages for the younger students.

Our detailed Scope and Sequence booklet contains detailed target truths, developmental activities, and character traits (Pre-K—Grade 6) for every week’s lesson. This resource can further aid your grade level decisions.

Download Elementary Scope & Sequence

Download Secondary Scope & Sequence

Each child that can read and complete the activities should have his own Student Manual if this is being completed as an academic subject. The target truths in each study are relevant to each person in the family.

Here are some tips for using one study to teach several grades:

  • Ask children who can read to take turns looking up Scripture passages, or have Bible drill races together.
  • Have younger non-readers listen as older children read the questions.
  • Give very young children their own Bible-themed coloring pages which will keep them busy during devotional time.
  • Have the children listen as a parent shares the vocabulary and target truths.
  • Have the children make vocabulary cards or Bible memory cards to drill each other.

Which study (or studies) would work best for your homeschool? View our school curriculum at the link below.

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