Introducing Our New Website

Jason Ehmann, June 18, 2020
Introducing Our New Website

It’s here, finally. You’re looking at our all-new website!

We’ve redesigned our online platform from the ground up, refreshing the appearance and reorganizing the layout to best present the information you’re looking for.

We wanted our primary emphasis—magnifying God—to be at the forefront. So, our home page provides a brief introduction to our mission and values and then outlines the structure of our curriculum. From there, you can jump off and explore both our school and church materials.


You’ll also notice that we’ve restructured the product pages. Every teaching context is unique, so we want teachers to be able to access enough information about our curriculum to determine how it can work best for their specific needs and setting.

Our school product overview graphic displays a visual outline of the grade level. It communicates course specifics, like number of lessons, along with content cues, like where the lessons are primarily sourced—Old Testament or New Testament.

The written overview introduces the content, teaching materials, and student resources, along with providing access to the scope and sequence PDF.

Below the overview, in each of the product listings, you will find specific descriptions of each of the products available for that grade level, along with links for samples and access to any related free resources.


We’ve also redesigned our help documentation to be clearer and more accessible. Our most frequently asked questions can easily be found on the main help page, along with categories that provide direction to more specific answers.

For example, if you’re having problems with your order, you can click the “Orders” box to find answers about shipping or how we process digital orders. If you can’t find your answer in our help pages, you can contact us directly.

Help Page.gif

The “What’s New” page collects the latest updates on new products, upcoming events, and recent blog posts. In keeping with our mission to magnify God, our blog aims to provide both resources and encouragement on a variety of topics related to Christian Education, theology, and discipleship. Receive occasional updates by giving us your email address in the "Stay Connected" form at the bottom of most all of our pages, including this one.

We want to know what you think about the site. Your feedback on this form will continue to help us serve you better. Maybe you don’t have any major feedback about the website—we’d still love to hear what God has done through our curriculum in your ministry. Send us your story.

Our greatest desire is to see the glory of God displayed through Jesus around the world. We want to faithfully do our part in that—producing material that equips Bible teachers to magnify God. We trust that this new site will help further equip teachers for the glory of Christ.

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