New Hot Shot—Uncommon Currency

Positive Action for Christ, April 14, 2022
New Hot Shot—Uncommon Currency

Using the common currency of His day, Jesus illustrated vital truths about discipleship. His coin conversations, priceless parables, and money miracles reveal God’s love and generosity, prompting us to respond with gratitude, faithfulness, and obedience.

Help your teens make heads and tails of discipleship with these five lessons from the Gospels.

Uncommon Currency: Discipleship Truths from the Gospels will:

  • Note the entrance and path of discipleship
  • Examine defining characteristics of a disciple
  • Discuss the cost and benefits of following Jesus
  • Distinguish gratitude, humility, repentance, and the fear of God
  • Identify the lessons Jesus taught and illustrated with coins

This self-contained curriculum provides lesson material, activities, handouts, and discussion prompts you can take to the bank. Show students how the Lord Jesus used the common coins of His day for the uncommon purpose of minting and molding disciples.

Coming soon!

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