Positive Action for Christ in Australia

Nigel Davies, July 11, 2022
Positive Action for Christ in Australia

Editor’s Note: We’ve asked our Australian ministry partner, Nigel Davies, to share some history about the ministry of Positive Action for Christ in Australia.

I first encountered Positive Action for Christ in Bible college, when one of my lecturers gave me a copy of the Book of Remembrance. But it wasn’t until years later that I learned that Positive Action produced that devotional resource.

Book of Remembrance_edited.jpg

Book of Remembrance (1990's)

Gene West, an American missionary, formally introduced me to the ministry and encouraged me to use Positive Action’s materials at my church because he knew that I was searching for a youth program that did more than teach shallow biblical truth. Frank Hamrick, through his training tapes, challenged our church and youth leaders. He explained that young people need to be transformed into the image of Christ and not just conformed to a set of rules.

After using the ProTeens material for several years, Positive Action asked me to pray about being the Australian representative for the ministry. Shortly after, I met Frank Hamrick for the first time when we preached at the same Bible conference here in Australia. In July of 1999, I made my first trip to the United States to visit the Positive Action office and meet with the board. At that meeting, the board appointed me to be the Australian representative for PAFC.


Nigel at a convention in Australia (2018)

This year marks 23 years of my involvement with Positive Action as the Australian representative, and I can say honestly that I am blessed to be a part of this ministry. Serving the Lord is my greatest joy, and Positive Action has allowed me to share in the blessing of encouraging a passion for God in others.

Jen, Nigel, and Frank.jpg

From left to right, Jen Davies, Nigel Davies, and Frank Hamrick (2018)

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