The Power of God's Protection

CJ Harris, May 5, 2015
The Power of God's Protection

“I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies.” (Ps. 18:3)

Psalm 17 portrays the intimacy of God’s care for His people, and Psalm 18 expounds on the incredible power of that care. This power of God inspires love (vs. 1), praise (vv. 3, 49) and faith (vs. 48). David’s praise climaxes in verse 46 as he proclaims, “The Lord liveth; and blessed be my rock; and let the God of my salvation be exalted.” Let’s take a moment to look at this amazing power.

David illustrates God’s power in battle. God is the strong fortress standing against the enemy, the shield that no missiles can pierce (vs. 2). He is the horn announcing our salvation (vs. 2). His arrows scatter the enemy (vs. 14), and nothing can save the wicked from His wrath (vs. 41).

But God is far more powerful than implements of war. When God moves against the enemy, the earth shakes before Him (vs. 7). Fire pours down on the enemies of God’s people (vs. 8) and the winds of heaven beat them (v. 10). God causes even the earth to fight against the wicked.

Yet God, who possesses unequal power, still cares for His own. He pulls them out of the floods of battle (vs. 16). He snatches them from the enemy’s hand (vs. 17) and puts His children in the place of blessing (vv. 19–20). Ultimately, He sets up the righteous to rule over the wicked (vv. 43–44). This God is our God.

Final Thought: God, in His great power, will triumph for His glory and His people.

CJ Harris is the managing editor for Positive Action, where he helps plan, develop, and launch Bible curricula for churches and schools. Having served as a youth pastor and Sunday School teacher, he has a passion for teaching young people about the glories of their God. A bit of a history buff, CJ received his Ph.D. in Church History in 2011, based on a study of Reformation-era missions philosophy. He and his wife—also a student and teacher of history—have two sons.

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