We're All Teachers

Jason Ehmann, Aug. 14, 2020
We're All Teachers

This pandemic forced many parents to take up the responsibility of teaching their children. Some thrived as natural teachers and enjoyed participating in their children's education. Others, well, let’s just say that they have narrowed down their career change options.

Teaching is tough, and teachers are often under-valued members of our communities. As frightening as it may be, we as believers must embrace the truth that we are all teachers. Before you panic, remember Jesus’ words at the end of Matthew. As the authoritative King of all things, He called us all to make disciples, help them publicly announce the claim of Christ on their life through baptism, then teach them all things (Matthew 28:1-20).

Does this make you nervous? It should. We should feel under qualified. We should question if we know all the right things to teach, and we should struggle to give what it takes to this task of teaching. The responsibility of making disciples is bigger than we expect.

So, let’s ask the question many freshly-minted teachers from the last several months have asked, “What now?”

Jesus’ last command to His disciples provides some answers.

Stay close to the Book.

You don’t know what spiritual truths to teach? That’s ok! God has provided all the curriculum you will ever need — His Word. Dig deep into the Bible. Harvest the promises. Mine the gems of wisdom. See the character of God, and marvel at His works. 

Many publishers, including us here at Positive Action, offer curriculum and resources that may benefit you as you teach. These can be helpful and good, but whatever tools you choose to use, never let them eclipse your use of the Bible. Teach what Jesus commands. 

Hold on to the promise.

Woven tightly into this incredible charge to believers is the promise of God’s presence. Many parents who were recently shanghaied into educating their own children at home were left to flounder on their own with nothing but a few resources and their own ingenuity, but this is not how Jesus leaves us. He leaves us marveling at His authority and confident in His presence. He will be with us as we seek to teach the truths of Scripture to those whom God puts in our paths. Hold tightly to this promise — God is with you, equipping you by the work of the Spirit to understand His truth and pass it along. Embrace your role as a teacher of God’s truth and share with your students the wonders of grace and the glories of our Savior. 

Be thankful.

Finally, be thankful. Think back to those who have had a spiritual impact on your life — maybe a pastor, small group leader, Sunday school teacher, or just a godly friend. As they taught you the truths of Scripture they sacrificially invested in your life in eternally valuable ways. Why not call or text them and thank them. 

Whatever the rest of this pandemic holds for your new-found teaching career, may you always remember your spiritual educational career commissioned by our Savior — “teach them all things that I have commanded you.” Embrace the task you have been given, trusting the promise of Christ’s presence and the power of His Word.

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