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Christian school teachers are not behaviorists, but cardiologists. They teach, not only so students will achieve academic excellence, but also so students will have a heart for God and zeal to exalt His name.

The Heart of the Matter offers . . .
  • A definition of a God-Focused ministry
  • What a God-Focused ministry is not
  • The four-fold emphasis of a God-Focus
  • The effects of a God-Focus
  • Helpful ideas on how to implement a God-Focus in your school
  • A discussion guide for group settings

This book makes a great gift for your teachers, or a resource for your next teacher's in-service.

Item #SSA940
Author(s)Frank Hamrick
Length66 pages
$5.95 each
$4.95 each when you buy 10 to 29
$3.95 each when you buy 30 or more

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