Exploring God's Omniscience

Frank Hamrick, June 15, 2015
Exploring God's Omniscience

Definition of Omniscience

Omniscience comes from the Latin words omni, meaning “all,” and scire, meaning “to know.” So omniscient means, “all-knowing.”

God knows everything—even things in the past, present, and future. He’s aware of every detail of every being. He’s never surprised or disappointed, nor does He wonder about things.

God’s wisdom relates to His omniscience. Wisdom means “applied knowledge.” Not only does God know everything, but He also knows the best way to use that knowledge.

Bible Passages Teaching God’s Omniscience

  • Psalm 147:5—God’s knowledge can’t be measured.
  • Isaiah 40:13—God never received counsel or teaching from anyone.
  • Psalm 139:1–6; Jeremiah 29:11—God knows everything about us.
  • Matthew 10:29–30—God even knows the details about things we consider insignificant.

God’s Title of Omniscience

Read Genesis 16. When Hagar—badly mistreated by Abraham and Sarah—ran to the wilderness, God appeared and made a promise to her. In return, she called God El Roi, the God Who Sees. Even in a deserted, out-of-the-way place, God still knew Hagar’s actions and what would happen to her in the future.

God’s Works of Omniscience

  • Jesus knew people’s thoughts (Matt. 9:4; Luke 5:22; 9:47; Mark 2:8)
  • Jesus knew what would happen to Him (Luke 22:37; John 6:70; 13:3; 19:28
  • God made prophecies and fulfilled them (Deut. 18:22; 2 Kings 19:25; Isa. 46:11; Luke 22:34; Acts 2:21)

God’s Omniscience Illustrated Activity

Fill a jar with small candies or bubblegum. Let your children each guess how many candies the jar holds. If a child happens to guess the exact number, ask how they knew the number. Explain that until the child counts the candies, he or she couldn’t have known for sure how many candies were in the jar.

God knows everything, and He doesn’t have to guess or learn.


Because God knows all, I can depend on Him for truth and guidance. He will give me wisdom to navigate life for His glory.

Discussion Questions

  • God knows when bad things will happen. Sometimes He changes them, and sometimes He allows them to happen as they are. Why do you think He might allow bad things to happen?
  • How does God’s omniscience change the way I live?
  • How should I view my sin with the knowledge that God sees me?

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