Processing Delay for Digital Orders

To keep assignments and testing material confidential for our teachers, we must personally review each digital order prior to processing. This usually takes one business day. Download instructions are sent via email once the order has been processed. Thank you for your patience.

Downloading Your Digital Products

To download your digital products, you will need to access your account. You will also need to know your account number.

Don't know what an account number is? Click Here.

Here are a few things you need to know before downloading your Digital Products:

  • Download requires a broadband internet connection.
  • After we've reviewed and processed your order, the resource files will be available via a download link on your account page.
  • Resource files are packaged in a downloadable ZIP folder.
  • To extract the ZIP in Windows, right-click the ZIP and select "Extract All." In Mac, simply double-click the ZIP.

Note: Most tablets cannot open ZIP folders. To use these resources on a tablet, first, download and extract the ZIP on a PC or Mac, and then transfer the needed files to your tablet. Software requirements for tablets may vary.

We've placed no digital rights management (DRM) protections on these files, but we'd appreciate it if you restrict the use of these resources to your home, school, or organization. Please note that all files remain the property of Positive Action for Christ

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